Community Rail Partnerships put education about rail travel, rail safety and the rail industry at the heart of all we do. Working with our train operating companies – Southeastern and Thameslink – we will be offering both online and in-person education sessions, bringing schools and representatives from each company together.

The beautifully refurbished station Bat & Ball has several spaces where talks and workshops can take place, with all sorts of interactive options available (including a mock-up ticket office) and the best part of it all is that schoolchildren can arrive at the location by train, learning about train travel in the process. Before Covid lockdowns, Sevenoaks Town Council ran several very successful education sessions, working in close collaboration with teachers to ensure the interactions tied in with the national curriculum.

We look forward to taking bookings and working with schools from all over the district (and beyond) soon – contact Sevenoaks Town Council to find out more.

Pile of Vintage Leather Suitcases in various colors
Great Western Railway Illustration
Interior view of Bat and Ball Station

Here is an example of how a day at Bat & Ball station might look:

Plan of Learning and Teaching (KS1 & KS2)

ARRIVE 9.30am


Welcome to B&B station. Health & Safety. Access.


Restoration project
Changes to trains
Changes in the area
Significant people
Victorian train travel and expansion of the railways.

Activity Sessions – Split into 3 groups (+ a member of teaching staff or TA and STC staff member or volunteer)

Activity 1 – Write a postcard

Look at examples of old postcards. Victorians travelling by rail to the seaside. Expansion of the railways.

Activity 2 – Trains

Look at railway memorabilia and artefacts. Learn how a steam train works. Compare with diesel and electric trains. What/how are they powered. Materials used? Demonstration of steam using a model steam train

Activity 3 – Train travel

What was it like to travel in the past? Dress up as a Victorian person. Weigh (old) luggage on original weighing scales. Discuss use/type of tickets. Stamp/clip old and new tickets.

Activity 4 – Use of materials on and around the building

Discuss ‘refurbishment’, show examples of materials. Walk around station and draw/photograph an interesting aspect.

Conclusions & Round Up

Review the activities and learning. Questions? Feedback – Get pupils to give feedback using a post-it on their favourite activity.

Depart 11.00am

A man examines the electrics and wiring of a model steam engine.

There are plenty of images to explore, models of steam and modern trains, old luggage, tickets and date stamps, building materials and artefacts, drawing materials, dressing up costumes and props, worksheets, post cards and a luggage weighing machine to try out.

Do get in touch to plan a riveting day out!.