There are many ways to explore the Darent Valley and a lot will depend on the size of your group (and their age ranges), your fitness, your interests and the season. There are plenty of walking routes that link one station to another (the best being between Otford, Shoreham and Eynsford, along the beautiful paths that meander along the valley floor near the Darent River). Other routes take you high into the hills, from which to enjoy spectacular views and peaceful wildflower meadows.

Yet others (see below) will introduce the food and drink connoisseur to highly talented independent producers dotted along the railway route from Sevenoaks to Swanley. You might like to consider buying a picnic from one of these and setting off on an adventure. Or stopping for a couple of hours to enjoy a meal or tea for two.
view of Lavender Fields at Castle Farm
Pumpkin display with old bicycle at Castle Farm, Shoreham
View of hop vines at Castle Farm, Eynsford

One suggested itinerary has been published on the Community Rail Network website which promotes amazing rail journeys all over the UK. Scenic Rail Britain but we will be adding more for you to consider. For example:

The Darent Valley Food and Drink Rail Trail

We will be adding an online culinary tour (a ‘Rail Trail’) of the Darent Valley, in which people hear about the food history of the valley while ‘meeting’ key independent producers in the area. The visitors will hear about the producers’ attachment to the unique chalk soil of the valley and their passion for the products they make. Some of the producers transform others’ products (for example Brisket & Barrel, a French smokery near Bat & Ball station), while others grow and transform local vegetables into exciting vegan lunches (Life on High in Sevenoaks) alongside creating store-roasted coffee.

All producers are within walking distance of the train stations in the Valley and the produce reflects the exciting potential of living and working in a beautiful chalk grassland habitat. Two key visits include the Mount Vineyard and Castle Farm in Shoreham. At the vineyard, owner Simon Greenwood grows eight varieties of grapes on similar soil to the Champagne region of France. You can taste a selection of award-winning sparkling wines and enjoying a platter of local charcuterie and cheeses (or artisan pizza) in the landscaped gardens.

A half hour stroll along the beautiful River Darent brings you to Castle Farm, home to the UK’s largest lavender fields, at their peak in July. William and Caroline Alexander run this diverse farm with their family, raising beef cows which graze by the chalk stream, tending to sugary Norfolk Royal apples which glow red on the trees in autumn, propping up towering hop vines reminding us of the Kentish beer history of the valley, and of course nurturing the beautiful purple lavender fields stretching all around.

Sated on delicious lavender ice cream and locally-made cakes, you can return to Shoreham or walk a further twenty-minute/half hour walk to Eynsford station to head home. A fine day out!