Events, Projects and Activities in 2020/21

It is just over a year since the launch of the CRP in September 2019. The launch was celebrated with an event train which travelled from Swanley to the newly renovated Bat & Ball station, then a vintage bus – provided by local company Go-Coach – to Sevenoaks. Musicians performed on board the train and entertainment was provided by a magician.

Since the launch we have succeeded in raising significant funds for the CRP, with Steering Group partners (local District, Town and Parish councils) contributing grants, together with a significant funding package from the current franchisees operating in the valley, Southeastern and Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR).

In July 2020, the current accountable body of the Darent Valley CRP, Sevenoaks District Council, recruited a Rail Projects Community Officer, Sarah Newman, who works 20 hours a week for the CRP. Each station also now has several station volunteer adopters willing and able to help with work going forward, with those groups expanding all the time (and do let us know if you would like to help!).

Vintage green double decker bus by town clock
Female Musician Busking Playing Acoustic Guitar And Singing Outdoors In Street
A wide-ranging Action Plan was agreed with members of the Steering Group which has since been adapted to cope with COVID-19 restrictions. A significant number of actions remain possible, particularly in the virtual world, with a focus on online offerings.

We have also played a key part in pressing GTR to deliver on their promised Passenger Benefit Fund (awarded following problems arising from changes to the timetables in 2018), working with local communities to represent their views and applying pressure to get answers, with promising results to date.

Reaching out to locals: the railway officer has been meeting with a whole range of local groups, hearing what they would like to achieve and how the train operators, stations and services can work together to provide sustainable, accessible transport and enjoyable journeys.

Brush stroke of magenta watercolour paint on white

The arts

Our plan is to commission artists to create posters for each of the stations and to design murals for each of the railway bridges. We are also going to be creating virtual tours of all the villages, towns and landscapes so well loved by the amazing range of artists and writers who have lived in the Darent Valley.

Food and drink

We are also working with local producers to create a virtual (then later led) tour taking in the talents produce of all the businesses along the line, from coffee and cake specialists in Sevenoaks, to French smokeries in Bat & Ball, to sparkling wine producers, fairy-tale orchards, lavender fields, hops production and gin distilleries.

The trails

We are exploring which trails might work best from each station (and to others), for walkers and cyclists, highlighting the beauty of the area and varying the walks so that families, athletes and strollers can all enjoy the trails at their own pace.

The natural world

We are reaching out to other partnerships in the area to collaborate on access to the beautiful natural world that lies to each side of the valley and to discuss what role the DVCRP can play in creating more habitats for the endangered species dependent on the rare chalk grasslands of the North Downs.

Image of a shiny green beetle
Image of station platform speaker


A key pillar of our activities is interacting with schools to teach about and encourage rail travel. The beautifully-restored station at Bat & Ball provides several rooms (and a café) for rail safety/rail industry workshops but there are also virtual opportunities to learn about employees working in the rail industry and, once COVID-19 restrictions ease, the chance to look around a train and even make announcements!